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  • Oh What a Day

    “I like this song because it has an upbeat message (love sings on and always will), kids love to sing it, it’s fun to play rhythm instruments along with it, and it’s a happy round!”

  • Brown Boy Brown Girl

    “Today’s children will run the world tomorrow. If we want them to create a society of respect, tolerance, and justice, we must first teach them to love and respect themselves.”

  • Cross the Street

    “I wrote this funk, thinking of what I would like to hear if I was walking down the sidewalk. I felt it would be a fun way of sending a pedestrian safety message.”

  • Follow Me

    “Follow Me was written from the perspective of a parent who is singing to their child about looking forward to future adventures together.”

  • Five Yellow Daffodils

    Spring is upon us, and all Children’s Music Network members need spring songs, right? We turned to Kim Wallach, one of our finger-play and counting queens, looking for a seasonal treasure.

  • We’re Havin’ a Party

    “I created this song during a desperate, overwhelmed parent moment when my child was beyond excited for her upcoming birthday . . . and then it just got silly as many things do!"

  • It’s You I Like

    Fred Rogers speaks to me as he has spoken to my daughters and as he speaks to millions of children in homes and day care centers each morning, and with the same effect.

  • Just One Step

    This little zipper song from Ted Warmbrand says so very much in so few words.

  • I Love All of Me

    “This song was birthed out of my wanting children to see the beauty in themselves as a whole. As you share it, it warms my heart to know that my music of love is being spread.”

  • No More Us and Them

    “The lyrics are not only a plea for the kids to work together, but also a challenge to myself to be more connected to the other and less self-centered.”

  • Look for the Helpers

    “When children need helpers, I want them to hear Fred Rogers’s gentle, sage advice. I remind them that they, too, can be helpers, even when they themselves need assistance."

  • No Mirrors in My Nana’s House

    Dr. Barnwell’s ability to cut to the core of emotions, ideas, and humanity shines throughout “No Mirrors in My Nana’s House.” We hope you will enjoy learning and sharing the love in her Nana’s eyes.

  • Little Bit of Light

    Shalom and I fondly remember as kids singing on our mom’s first children’s album, Might As Well Make It Love, in 1981, at River City Studios in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was fun and exciting, and we felt so professional at just twelve and thirteen years old. . .

  • Put Your Seatbelt On

    This song delivers a crucial safety message in a groove- and fun-filled package that will speak to children everywhere. With its call and response form, the community can join in the fun.

  • To The Ones

    “This three-part round literally came to me in a dream. My father passed away at the age of ninety-eight this past fall, having outlived my mother by almost thirty years.”

  • Put Your Mask On, Honey

    “I wrote (this) just to have a fun way about thinking about this whole mask issue. I thought that if it were seen as fashionable, then maybe we’d all be more willing to wear what makes a difference in the long-term health of all of us.”

  • Hatred Has No Place

    David explains that he wrote this simple and infectious song “in the fall of 2017, inspired by signs that had sprouted all over my community stating ‘Hate has no home here’ in various languages.”

  • Be Who You Are

    “I was thinking about so many people I know who felt left out or ‘different’ at certain points in their lives and how affirming it can be to get the message that it’s okay to just be you.”

  • Kokoraki

    “Even though I’m not Greek myself, I grew up listening to Greek music, so this song has been in my blood for many years, and when I decided to do an international children’s music album, this was the first song I recorded.”

Fall 2018

Montana, Colorado, Nevada

Apache Stretching Song

Native American Counting Song

Under the Chair

How to Dress a Po’ Boy

Jack’s House


Spring 2018

On a Roll

Rising Beyond

Love Is Love

Space Shapes

Wonderful Friends


Who I Am

Fall 2018

Get On Board

Wade in the Water

But You Do

What Light Do You Shine in the World?

Sending You Light

Soften My Heart

Spring 2018

We Are All Connected

A Beaver

Come Join in the Circle

On and On

Patas en al Aire

We Sing for Peace

When We Sing Together

Fall 2017

All the Way Around the World

Circle of the Sun

I See the Moon

What Can One Little Person Do?

Do Do Ki Do

The Wheels on the Chair

Bake Kake Søte

Spring 2017

You Can Dance

I’ve Got a Song

Girls Be Strong

El Juego Chirimbolo

We Will Go High

Train Song

I Can’t Rhyme

Mamá, Lee la Historia

No One Like Me

Fall 2016

Didn’t We Have Fun?

Let the World Be Well

My Roots Go Down

Ali Baba

Anything Is Possible

J’Aime la Galette


Spring 2016

Love Grows One by One

Turning of the World

A Small Star

I Lift My Lamp

My House Is a Construction Zone

So Many Stars

Spin Me a Web of Stories

Tulippu / The Tulip Song

Fall 2015

Building a Better World

Circle of Love

Open the Circle

Serengeti Plain

The Stars Go By

We'll Pass Them On

Who Are You?

Spring 2015

A Gentle Wind

Daddy Was a Migrant Worker

Drip, Drop, Ripple

Take Care of Yourself

What Do I Do?

Fall 2014

Every Moment, Every Day

Many a Good Tree

Rover the Reading Dog

The Slip

Today Is Diwali


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