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Songs | Spring 2016

Turning of the World

Ruth wrote “Turning of the World” at the height of the anti-nuke movement as a musical way for people to affirm the positive power of us working together for peace and justice in our local and global communities. Singers can easily make up their own words by simply changing the word “turning” to “loving” or “healing” or whatever other concepts ring most relevant.

When Ruth introduces this song to children or adults, she says: “I wrote this song one morning right after I woke up from a dream. This song is about unity, and people working together to build a safe and peaceful world. The dream of peace is not just a dream of mine. It is shared by millions of people of every age, culture, religion, and background, and is the glue that holds us together as one humanity.”

“A great thing about being alive in these times is that millions of people all over the world are doing things to bring about peace. In every country, people are working alone or in groups to make our world better, and to assure that each of us has our basic needs met for food, clothing, shelter, and safety. Every day brings us closer to realizing this dream, and each one of us can help to make that happen. When we work together in large numbers, the results can be awesome.”

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