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Songs | Spring 2016

Tulippu / The Tulip Song

Laura Jo Ackerman writes: “The ‘Tulip Song,’ also known as ‘Churippu,’ has been such a treasure in my song collection. The song was brought to me by the parents of one of my English classes that I was blessed with while living for three years in the southern city of Sasebo in Nagasaki. Each Sunday morning twenty little girls would pour into my home to learn English from me. I taught most of the English language through song, and in turn, the parents asked to learn a Japanese song in English. The ‘Tulip Song’ was the first Japanese song for me to learn, so it was a wonderful exchange. The parents worked hard to create a proper English translation. We were so happy in the end to have collaborated in such a way. True friendships came about through this venture, and they prosper to this day!

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