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Songs | Spring 2017

Girls Be Strong

“‘Girls Be Strong’ was inspired by my own decision to spread my wings and live out a long-awaited dream of international musical travel. I took this song around the world, teaching it to girls in Thailand, India, Nepal, Kenya, and Liberia. Some of the language in my version is culturally specific to the United States, and I wanted verses that reflected their worlds. I guided them in writing their own verses (sometimes in their own language) expressing their sense of possibility and power. I also interviewed boys and include their words of support and encouragement for girls. Back home, with the help of a college media studies intern, I edited it down to a collage of girls’ voices and verses, and boys’ messages. I’d love your ideas and contacts for girls’ organizations and projects around the world who might like to have this as a resource or linked on their websites. Please enjoy and share this video of children singing.”

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