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Songs | Fall 2014

Today is Diwali

Kathleen writes: “In my classes, I use a song to teach about the celebration called Diwali (pronounced “di-VAL-ly”), which is observed in India at the end of October or beginning of November. It marks the beginning of the new fiscal year. It is hoped that Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of prosperity and fortune, will visit your home and give her blessing for a happy and prosperous new year. The name Diwali is a contraction of the Sanskrit word deepavali, meaning “row of lamps.” Small clay oil lamps, called diyas or deepas, are lit and placed outside to signify the triumph of good over evil. I have been in India for Diwali several times and couldn’t find a song about it, so I wrote one. It is suitable for pre-K through grade three. I encourage the children to act out lighting the lamps and jumping up for the fireworks.”

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