Introducing Playlists

Recent trends show that musicians across the world have become reliant on two major platforms to get out their music to the masses: Spotify and YouTube. The use of playlists on both platforms have seen an incredible increase over the past decade. In keeping with these trends, CMN will now begin curating playlists to share our members’ work. Our intention is for these playlists to highlight the incredible music our members create and to make it easily accessible and shareable.

Each of these playlists will be carefully curated by a CMN member and will be accompanied by a highlighted song by the curator along with some background on the song and its origins. Our hope is to engage members and add more benefits to membership. Enjoy these playlists and let us know what you think!

This issue’s theme, “The Healing Power of Music,” curated by Nikki Rung, brought forth a fantastic array of songs on feelings, love, self-empowerment, the natural world, the joy of making music, and much more. There’s something here to open everyone’s heart.

Spotify Songs

  1. “Dance of Freedom” - Val Smalkin, Dave Kinnoin, Jimmy Hammer
  2. “Everybody Needs Someone” - Greg Lato
  3. “Feel the Big Feels” - Adam Steele
  4. “Kindness Is King” (feat. Marla Vannucci & Dean Jones) - Brighter Light Brigade, Dean Jones, Marla Vannucci
  5. “In My Garden” (Bedtime) - Cee Bee Teatime
  6. “Can I Join Your Circle?” - Pam Felber Ziggity Zag Music
  7. “You Are Awesome” - Sylvia Chave
  8. “Flames” - Beppie
  9. “Rainbow Love Song” - Kelli Welli
  10. “Thanks to the Earth/All the Way Around the World” (Remix) - Katherine Dines
  11. “The Boo Boo Gets Better By and By” - Susan Salidor
  12. “Dancing Day” - Joanie Calem
  13. “Heart Beats” - Claudia Robin Gunn
  14. “Planting Seeds of Love” - Pam Donkin
  15. “How I Love You Sun” - Jessa Campbell & the Saplings
  16. “The Problem-Solving Song” - Barb Tilsen
  17. “Happy Day” - Jenn Cleary
  18. “Feeling Good” - Divi Roxx Kids, Divinity Roxx, FYÜTCH
  19. “Let’s Make Some Music” - Strawbitty Yops
  20. “So Many Ways” - Little Miss Ann
  21. “Mother Nature” - Flor Bromley
  22. “Sing a Melody” - Susan Leigh Picking
  23. “Kindness (It Will Come Back to You)” (feat. Claudia Robin Gunn & Becky, Boris and the Beats) - Young Folkies

YouTube Songs

  1. “Kindness (It Will Come Back to You)” (feat. Claudia Robin Gunn & Becky, Boris and the Beats) - Young Folkies
  2. “There Is Only One of You” - Susan Picking
  3. “So Many Ways” - Little Miss Ann
  4. “Feeling Good” (feat FYÜTCH) - Divi Roxx Kids and Divinity Roxx and FYÜTCH
  5. “Happy Day” - Jenn Clear
  6. “The Problem-Solving Song” - Barb Tilsen
  7. “How I Love You Sun” (Fun Sun Facts) - Jessa Campbell & the Saplings
  8. “Planting Seeds of Love” - Pam Donkin
  9. “Dancing Day” - Joanie Calem
  10. “I Hear a Knockin’ at My Door” Song/Finger Play - Susan Salidor
  11. “All the Way Around the World” - Katherine Dines
  12. “Rainbow Love Song” - Kelli Welli
  13. “Choose Happy” - Pam Felber
  14. “Dance of Freedom” (feat. Dave Kinnoin & Jimmy Hammer) - Val Smalkin
  15. “Shadows of the Sun” - Louise Ina Hetzler

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