I Hear a Knockin’ at My Door

From this issue’s playlists, we chose to highlight Susan’s sweet finger play, which is perfect for preschoolers. Along with teaching counting and repetition, it invites kids to feel the excitement of getting their favorite visitors!

Susan says:

“I wrote this song during the initial pandemic shutdown, when so many of us were isolated from regular routines and were dealing with estrangement from our friends, colleagues, and even family members.

“In my music classes, both in person and on Zoom these last few years, this song has proven to be highly engaging for young children as they imagine who might be coming to visit. I start the song with the person I’d most like to see and then use children’s suggestions, in true zipper song fashion.”


I hear a knockin’ at my door:
One, two, three.
Who could it be coming to see me?
I hear a knockin’ at my door:
One, two, three, four, five.
It’s Grandma! It’s Grandma!
Grandma, come inside.

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