Playlists: Nature

Hello CMN Community! Happy Earth Month and spring to you all!

April is always a good time to reflect on nature, to welcome the first signs of spring, and to appreciate the abundant resources we receive from our planet. In celebration of nature, please enjoy these two playlists with contributions from many of our members.

Some are newer songs, like Stacey Peasley’s “Spring Is in the Air” and Kymberly Stewart’s “Little Hip Hop Bunnies,” and some are green oldies, like Sunflower Lioness and Mo’ Clearly’s “Bugs and Worms” and Joanie Calem’s “Every Day Is Earth Day”—a sentiment I can get behind.

Many of us instill the values of Earth Day in our own kids and in the kids we teach, but let’s make sure to practice what we preach. Let’s work to take care of each other, the animals, and our planet, 365 days of the year.

Just about a year ago, I had the pleasure of working with four of my colleagues in the Be the Change Affinity Group—Nikki Rung, Alex Alberta, Lisa Heintz, and Cindy Haws—to create a comprehensive Climate Justice Resources guide for performers and educators to use year ’round. We hope you’ll check out this toolkit, packed with songs, videos, books, and articles organized in four interrelated categories:

  1. Water Justice
  2. Climate Justice
  3. Changemakers
  4. Critical Thinking, Compassion, and Connection

The main goals of this project are to shine a light on environmental racism and to make this issue accessible for young children. We strongly believe these goals should be incorporated into curricula.

Finally, another great resource for educators and performers is CMN’s Environmental Songbook, a compilation of songs that promote respect and responsibility for the environment. These songs are meant to be inspiring, fun, and educational not just for children, but for the musicians, teachers, and other adults who sing with them.

Enjoy all these resources, and let’s work together to make it a happy, healthy, and musical spring!

Spotify Songs

  1. “Spring Is in the Air” – Stacey Peasley
  2. “Little Hip Hop Bunnies” – Kymberly Stewart
  3. “Rainforest Symphony” – Dana
  4. “What Can You See?” – Benny Time, feat. Angie Who
  5. “Tu B’Shevat (Trees’ Birthday)” – Young Folkies
  6. “Spring!” – Big Idea Committee, feat. Kanako Omae Neele, Marybeth Kern
  7. “Sakura” – Linda Yapp, feat. Nancy Rumbel
  8. “Green Days Are Here” – Fabulous Lemon Drops, feat. Claudia Robin Gunn
  9. “Starlings” – Marsha and the Positrons, feat. SaulPaul
  10. “Bugs and Worms” – The Sunflower Lioness and Mo’Clearly
  11. “Dancing Spring” – Barb Tilsen
  12. “Mother Nature” – Flor Bromley
  13. “Octopus, Octopi” – Marilyn Walker
  14. “Every Day Is Earth Day” – Joanie Calem
  15. “Our Wild Family” – Jenn Cleary
  16. “Part of the Earth” – Tim Kubart, Drue Davis
  17. “Bird Migration” – Music, Movement & Magination
  18. “Flight of the Butterflies” – DJ Willy Wow, feat. Ra Flautista
  19. “Un Elefante” – 123 Andrés
  20. “Springtime Dance” – Val Smalkin

YouTube Songs

  1. “Treehugger” – Two of a Kind
  2. “Little Mushroom” – Pierce Freelon and Nnenna Freelon
  3. “Just a Little Seed (I’ve Got Potential)” – Liz Buchanan
  4. “Walking Slowly” – Tim Seston
  5. “Inchworm” – Esther Crow
  6. “I Love Nature” – De La Torre and Mr. Elephant
  7. “Spring Day” – Karen K and the Jitterbugs
  8. “Flower Dance” – Elena Moon Park
  9. “How I Love You Sun” – Jessa Campbell & the Saplings
  10. “In My Garden” – Ms. D & Me

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