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Songs | Fall 2016

Anything Is Possible

Kevin writes: “‘Anything is possible, anything at all, anything is possible, we just can’t do it all.’ Those simple lyrics were rolling around in my mind for about fifteen years before we ever recorded it. I jotted it down in my journal one day, years later sharing it with a friend as it connected to another project he and I had worked on together. He replied, ‘Why would you say you can’t do something?’ Thus a long conversation occurred, which led to verses 2 and 3. Much time passed before verse 4 was added, which pulled it all together.

“I had these four little stanzas and realized that singing them to the tune of ‘This Little Light of Mine’ (a childhood favorite of mine) worked quite well. No need to overthink it; keep it simple. We had the start of the first recording, but how to produce it? As we began getting the tracks down, we decided to make multiple recordings. We really worked to collaborate with a variety of friends, reinventing the song each time but keeping the simple foundation.

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