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Reports | Fall 2016

Spotlight on Outgoing Board Member

Liz Benjamin and her daughter, Sarah

Liz Benjamin

Name: Liz Benjamin

Hometown and Region: Adamant, Vermont, New England region, for the past two years. Before that I lived in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for twenty-seven years and did not have the joy of participating in a region.

CMN member since: 1986 or so

Joined CMN’s Board of Directors (BOD): 2010

What you like most about CMN:
Its values: peace, justice, environmental protection, diversity, caring, and fun (!) through music with children.

Why should people serve on the BOD? 
To keep CMN strong and growing, with new initiatives and ideas—plus board members get to know each other and work together in remarkable ways, which is good for them as well as for CMN.

A favorite CMN memory:
Every time I experience children’s participation in our conferences, I am blown away with joy and a sense of meaning.

Favorite conference: 
I really like being on Cape Cod, near the ocean. But, location aside, all our conferences have been amazing—the round-robins, the Magic Penny award, all the fun and ideas and music!

Final thoughts?
Although I am stepping down from the Board, I will continue to volunteer for CMN, and I hope many others of you will also volunteer when I or someone else asks you to do so.