I Love Reading

This song combines a playful journey through some much-loved books with a catchy refrain that perfectly reflects this issue’s theme. Check out the video and sing along with our book-loving puppet friend as you celebrate the many joys of reading!


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I love reading books, it’s fun.
I often read them with my mum.
I like reading to explore.
There’s no better way I’m sure.
I love reading.

There are many books to choose.
Get on board, you just can’t lose.
Books expand your mind, it’s true.
Reading books is good for you.
I love reading.

When I’m sitting on my bed,
I go exploring in my head
To Neverland with Peter Pan,
Then off to Hogwarts with a bang.
Meet Harry Potter on the way,
Or Captain Hook, oh, what a day!
See mermaids in the blue lagoon,
Dance all night by the light of the moon.
Go down the rabbit hole with Alice,
Meet the Queen inside her palace.
To Narnia through a magic door,
And listen to the lion roar.
Watch Charlotte spin her spider’s web
Just before she goes to bed.
See Willy Wonka’s factory
But don’t end up like Mike Teavee.
I love reading.

Now that you’ve met all my friends,
This is where the story ends.
All new adventures on the way,
Drift off and dream the night away.
I love reading! (4x)

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