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Songs | Spring 2019
Graphic: Swirl of shapes

Space Shapes

David and Alice Burba presented this song at the 2018 Conference to the delight and laughter of all. When I asked for a little background, Alice wrote:

“In 2004, we joined forces with a number of songwriters to produce educational songs and curriculum materials matched to early education and kindergarten standards for our company, Music, Movement & Magination. Dave was first asked to write a few songs, but his role quickly grew to managing the production side, and I jumped in to write curriculum, develop lesson materials, and provide professional development. In no time, we became full partners in the business.

“ ‘Space Shapes’ was on our first album, ABC’s and Much More. We already had two other shape songs and needed a tune to introduce shape recognition. The three songs were designed to build upon each other in skill. Dave must have had a crazy dream before writing this song. Who knows? ‘It might have been something that he saw. Or it might have been something he ate!’ What he didn’t realize is how kids would respond to having shapes all over their faces! When working with the kids, I ask them to draw and color their own shape faces, reinforcing shape recognition. Then we sing the song and the kids hold up their drawings of the corresponding shape face. An added social/emotional extension is to discuss the feelings expressed by the faces on each shape.”

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