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Songs | Spring 2015

Take Care of Yourself

Kayte says: I wrote this song for myself, because I need the reminder, and it seems to resonate with a lot of adults. We often neglect our own wellbeing, thinking that the needs of other people in our lives are more important, forgetting that we can only give our best to others when we maintain our best selves. We feel guilty when we make a decision for our own good that inconveniences or hurts someone else, forgetting that our own sanity and wellbeing are our primary responsibility, without which even our children will suffer.

How much happier are we when we can maintain a balance between taking care of our own physical, mental, and spiritual health and being of service to others? Loving ourselves and loving others?

Discussion points with kids can include brainstorming different things we can do to take care of our health and our brains, how we can take care of our hearts, and why it's important to contribute to our family and society with our best selves. How does contributing make us feel? How is that good for our hearts and our health?

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