Environmental Songbook

This Fragile Earth

By Liz Buchanan

in Singing All the Way Home by Liz Buchanan



This fragile earth, our island home

we all live here together, we are not alone

There are birds and the bees in the apple trees

Giraffes and elephants and chimpanzees

We all share the planet, we are not alone

On this fragile earth, our island home.


Which creature thinks that a nest is the best? A bird!

Who stays alive in a hive? A bee!

Who lives in a den and lets out a roar?

Lions and tigers and bears galore!

Lions and tigers and bears galore!




Who makes a home ‘neath the sea? Fish!

Who gets to dwell in a shell? A crab!

Who lives in the waves just beyond the shore?

Eels and octopus and whales galore!

Eels and octopus and whales galore!




We all need a home that’s safe and warm.

To protect from the wind, the cold and the storm.

We all need a place to eat and to rest our head

I’m thankful for my comfy bed

We all need a comfy bed!




This fragile earth

We’d better protect it

This fragile earth

It’s our only home

Fragile earth

We all need to share it

Fragile earth

No matter where we roam

Fragile earth

It will always be

Our island home!


With special thanks to the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer.

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