Environmental Songbook

Let the World Be Well

Music and lyrics by Pam Donkin

©2015 Pam Donkin

Pam wrote this song just before the CMN International Conference in 2015 and sang it in the round-robin. The first verse and all but one line of the chorus came out all at once, but the first line of the chorus was rewritten about an hour before she sang it! In fact, frustrated that the line was not sounding right, she considered not singing the song for the round-robin at all, when suddenly the perfect line popped into her head. Everything worked out, and the song was accessible enough as a sing-along that it was sung in multipart harmony by all in attendance.



Let the World Be Well                           By: Pam Donkin



Let the world be well

Oh, let the world be well

I will do my part, to

Let the world be well

Hear the sound! Hear the call!

Let the world be well

In harmony with one and all

Let the world be well


V2 Let the wildlife live

V3 Let the air be clean 

V4 Let the seas be blue


©2015 Pam Donkin


Feel free to make up more verses!

They can be environmental or peace oriented

Examples: Let the streams run clear, Let the salmon spawn or

Let the world be safe, Let the world have peace




Possible Endings:



Let the World be well verse and tag:

I will do my part to


Let the world be well


2. Repeat the last line from preceding verses (going back through) and end with

Let the world be well (with ritard.)

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