Environmental Songbook

Big Big World

By Bill Harley
in Big Big World by Bill Harley

©1996 Round River Records


It's also a small world after all. Whichever size, just make sure you enjoy the ride.

There’s a little tree frog
living on the banks of the Amazon
There’s a blue whale
swimming in the cold Arctic sea
There’s a zebra
running cross the plains of Africa
There’s a bird out side my window
and I hear it singing to me
It sings ooooooh oooh ohhhh
I hear it singing to me
There are friends I know
I see them every day
In my town,
while I’m walking down my street
But for every person here
that I know by name
There’s a billion living things
I will never meet

It’s a big big world
something happening every minute
It’s a big big world
I’m more and more aware
It’s a big big world
I’m so glad I’m in it
It’s a big big world
There’s room enough
If everybody learns to share

I lie in bed at night
and I can feel the sun
Rising ten thousand miles away
The wind has blown
from halfway round the earth
And it calls me to my window
and I hear it say
“Listen to the song of life”
I stand on a mountain top
I feel so big
Stand beneath the stars
and I feel so small
Somewhere between
the earth and sky
I finally learn
that there’s room for all


There’s a story that comes to us,
running like a stream
In it we hear our history call
And it runs beyond us,
to where we can only dream
And the gift of life
runs there through us all
I stand here amazed,
holding my breath
Wondering what’s in store
But I know this world is big enough
for all the life it holds
If our hearts could grow
just a little more

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