Environmental Songbook

The Nature Dance

Music and lyrics by John H. Keenan & Jo-Anne R. Wilson-Keenan

©2016 John H. Keenan & Jo-Anne R. Wilson-Keenan

The Nature Dance will get children up and moving. It is helpful to have an adult lead children in making gestures that match the lyrics.

Children who develop a love of nature will become stewards of the Earth.


1. Swim like a fish
Spin like a spider
Soar like a bird
higher and higher

Do the nature dance
Do the nature dance
Give nature a chance
Do the nature dance

2. Sway like a tree
Sprinkle like a shower
Walk like a penguin
Grow like a flower


3 Blow like the wind
Roll like the waves
Fly like a bat
that lives in a cave


4. We need nature
Nature needs us too
Everything in nature
depends on me and you

Chorus (2 times)

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