Environmental Songbook

Energy Detective

By Matt Loosigian

in Hungry for the Sun by Matt Loosigian


I’m an energy detective looking for the clues

Trying to put an end to electricity abuse


Here and there and everywhere I listen for that hum

Electrical appliances: I catch them on the run

The computer and the printer, television and the DVD:

They’re glowing bright all through the night, wasting energy


I caught my dad red handed with the fridge door left agape

While he was looking for his food the cold air had escaped

When I go to the fridge I’m a sneaky private eye

I think ahead, and I’m in and out so fast the cold air stays inside


Can you hear that steamy hiss? Someone’s in the shower

It’s time to do a stakeout. They’ve been in there for half an hour

The hot water heater working overtime - Let’s give that thing a break

I holler through the bathroom door: Get out for goodness sake!


You can be an energy detective. Look out for the clues

Just try and put an end to electricity abuse

Electricity abuse, electricity abuse

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