Environmental Songbook

Go With The Flow (CFL)

By Matt Loosigian

in Hungry for the Sun by Matt Loosigian


CFL, CFL go with the flow, go with the flow

CFL, CFL go with the flow, go with the flow

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, I’m a CFL


Well I’m a curly, swirly light bulb

On an conservation kick

I want to brighten up your life

With my energy saving trick


You know normal light bulbs burn so hot

They’re down with that live wire

But I’m a real cool dude

Energy into light not fire


Some people laugh at my twisted shape

And they say that I look funny

But they always stop their laughing

When I save them so much money


I can save you 80%

On all of your lighting bills

You know the whole world will be cooler

When we use some CFLs


You know someday when I fade away

Handle me carefully

Take me to the hazardous waste pickup day

Cause I got a little mercury


I just want to be recycled

To make a brand new CFL

But if you toss me in the trashcan

I’ll end up in the landfill

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