Environmental Songbook

American Goldfinch

Music by Lina Boyle, lyrics by Linda Boyle

©2018 Linda Boyle

On "The Forest Island: Songs of the Black Hills".  Coming fall, 2018: two booklets of companion stories, content-area lessons (grades 2-8), color illustrations, graphic organizers and B&W coloring pages of the flora and fauna, water resources and geology mentioned in the albums songs.

"The Goldfinch" gives us a glimpse of a day in the life of these lemon-beautiful birds.

The Eastern Goldfinch is the state bird of Iowa and New Jersey. Its yellowy cousin, the Willow Goldfinch, is the state bird of Washington.


American Goldfinch  

c2018  Linda Boyle

C-F-C /  C-D7-G-C / C-Am-C-F-C


One Goldfinch is a pleasure to see

on its perch under yonder tree.

Oh, Goldfinch, won't you sing for me,

and flap your wings in the warm summer breeze?


Two Goldfinches feedin' on sunflower seeds.

Go tell your friends there's plenty to eat.

Before you know it, it's a par-ar-ty -

A yellow band on the old Pine tree.


All swoop away with a sudden breeze

but they'll return for the sunflower seeds.

With migration season, they'll be gone.

Enjoy them while they're still around.


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