Environmental Songbook

Buffalo Heard?

Music and lyrics by Linda Boyle

©2017 Linda Boyle

On "The Forest Island:  Songs of the Black Hills".  Coming fall, 2018:  two booklets of companion stories, content-area lessons (grades 2-8), color illustrations, graphic organizers and B&W coloring pages of the flora and fauna, water resources and geology mentioned in the album's songs.

Have you heard of the buffalo herd? Actually, American Bison are the creatures that roam in herds across the American West landscape. Learn about the bison and their habits in this song about the hoofed mammals. A great song for developing your mammal vocabulary!


                      Buffalo Heard?     c2017 Linda Boyle         

1-     (G)   Off in the distance, I can see  them comin’ (D)                                                  

        (G)   Feel the ground beneath us rumblin’  (D)      

        (C)   Round Up time is callin'   (D)

        (C)   Galloping  thunder (Em)  can be heard (D)   

        (C)   Oh,    (C-Em) my,    it’s a (D -E) buffalo herd!   


2-     American Bison is their real name

        Their European cousin’s — not quite  the same    

        Even-toed ungulates,  by the way

        Ungulates! Sound absurd? Oh, my! It’s a buffalo herd!


  3-   The largest terrestrial animal on the Great Plains - 

         a “hall of famer”

         Great swimmers, crossing rivers need no waders

         Nomadic grazers, braver than cows, their neighbors      

         Bison & cows are bovines, remember!  

         Oh, my!  It’s a buffalo herd!


4-    Bison are in river valleys, prairies & the Great Plains. 

       These remnant ruminants wallow & graze 

       Herbivores, they eat grass & sedge, never meat -    Sweet!       

Remnant Ruminant herbivores!  

Oh, my!   It’s a buffalo herd!


 5-   When  mating season comes June thru September  

        Fighting bulls - dangerous times, remember!                                                                                 

       At 2,000 lbs., it moves at speeds of 35 miles per hour     

       Ranger says “Don’t get to close!” Heed my words! 

       Oh, my!  It’s a buffalo herd!


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