Environmental Songbook

Goodbye Mr Panda

Music and lyrics by Liam Maloy

©2009 Liam Maloy

A poignant and simple song for young children (6 and under) to learn a little about endangered animals, specifically pandas, bonobos and polar bears.


Goodbye Mr. Panda

You look so big and strong

We’ll only know how much we miss you

When the pandas are all gone


Goodbye Mrs. Polar Bear

You really are the best

We’ll only know how much we miss you

When there’s no more of you left


Goodbye young Bonobo

My smiley furry friend

We’ll only know how much we miss you

When we don’t see you again

The song is perfect for group singing. It has four simple chords so is perfect for beginner pianists, ukulele players or guitarists. Children can make up their own actions for the three verses (pandas, monkeys and a polar bear). They can wave goodbye. Could involve mask and costume making for a school performance.

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