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Pronghorn! You Ain't No Antelope

Music and lyrics by Linda Boyle

©2018 Linda Boyle

A song from "The Forest Island:  Songs of the Black Hills"  children's album.  Coming fall, 2018:  Two companion booklets with stories, lessons, color illustrations and B&W coloring pages of the flora and fauna and geological and water resources of the Black Hills.

How does an herbivore get enough protein in their diet? Find out in this song about the Pronghorn, a deer-like mammal that roams the western parts of the United States. Pronghorn are the second fastest mammal in the world after the cheetah! But why won't they jump?


Pronghorn!  You Ain’t No Antelope!

c2018  Linda Boyle

1    In the last Ice Age  —  the Pleistocene

      Pronghorn antelope  —   could be seen

      That was about  —-   2 million years ago

      Pronghorn-sliding-over-ice sheets —  Whoah!

      Pronghorn!  You ain’t no antelope!

     The fastest on the prairie -  You fly!  You flow!

     We call you that ‘cause you are so dope!

     Pronghorn!  You ain’t no antelope!

2   Pronghorn!  In North America

     the last of the family Antilocapridae

    Your close “cousins”   the Okapi and giraffe live in  Africa 

    While you remain on the Great Plains, U.S.A.       

    Pronghorn!  You ain’t no antelope.

    Like a watermelon is NOT a cantaloupe! 

    You won’t jump a fence, so underneath you go.

    Pronghorn! You ain’t no antelope!


3   Your distant relatives in the pastures graze 

     The cows, goats and sheep

     You feed on food high in protein:

     Grasses, shrubs and forbs - delicious to the taste!   1st chorus


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