Environmental Songbook

Reptile Family

Music and lyrics by Valerie Leonhart Smalkin

©2018 Small Kin Music (www.smallkinmusic.com)

I wrote the first version of Reptile Family in 1987 because I could not find a song about reptiles, and I love the fact that most reptiles don't say anything. Precisely because they do not make sounds like cats and dogs I included a section that says, "Talk like a ...." Children love these actions: hissing for the snake; sticking out their tongues for the lizard; making alligator jaws with their arms; and sticking their necks forward and opening their mouths with a silent rush of air for the turtle.

A little lesson about reptiles is the perfect compliment for this song.


Reptile Family

Music and Words: Valerie Leonhart Smalkin

© 2018 Small Kin Music



Pre- Chorus:

We're the reptile family.

We're the reptile family.

We like to snuggle up it's true,

'Cuz we get all our warmth from you!



And the sun warms our blood,

And the sun warms our blood.


Verse 1:

I’m a little snake I like climbing trees.

I’m a little snake and I do what I please.

I slide and slither all around,

But, my legs are nowhere to be found


Talk like a snake. Ssssss

Talk like snake.

Talk like a snake.

We love our reptiles!




Verse 2:

I’m a painted lizard smelling with my tongue.

I’m a painted lizard, and I don’t make a sound.

I run so fast across the sand, saying,

“Catch me! Catch me! If you can!


Talk like a lizard, (flick your tongue)

Talk like a lizard,

Talk like a lizard.

We love our reptiles!



I’m an alligator, hiding in the swamp.

I’m an alligator, in water dark and damp.

My teeth are sharp, my scales are green,

And people say I’m very mean!


Talk like an alligator.

Chomp! Chomp! Chompity- chomp!

Talk like an alligator.

Chomp! Chomp! Chompitychomp!




Verse 3:

I’m a little turtle and I hibernate.

I’m a little turtle and I sit and wait.

I shared the earth with dinosaurs!

I’m adaptable! Who could ask for more?


Talk like a turtle (open mouth, breath out)

Talk like a turtle

Talk like a turtle

We love our reptiles!



We’re the reptile family.

We’re the reptile family.

Our blood is cold, our scales are dry.

You’ll learn to love us if you try.

Yes, you’ll learn to love is

If you try!





The children can be each animal act out the lyrics, and make each animal "sound".

After each verse, the song can pause while the children explain more about that particular reptile via questions and answers, or a little vignette involving a snake, lizard, alligator, and turtle.

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