Environmental Songbook

Try to Fly

By Jackie Cytrynbaum

in Tuning Into Nature by Fran Avni & Jackie Cytrynbaum


Hop like a frog onto a rock,

Hop like a frog, it's time to talk.

"Ribid, ribid," it likes to say,

Hop like a frog, every day.



Clap your hands and jump up high

Kick your knees up to the sky

Clap your hands and jump up high

Kick your knees and try to fly.


Waddle like a duck, "quack, quack, quack"

Waddle like a duck with feathers on your back.

Through the grass down to the lake,

Waddle like a duck, shake, shake, shake.




Fly like an eagle, up you go,

Fly like an eagle, now go slow.

Over trees and under stars,

Fly like an eagle wherever you are.



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