Environmental Songbook

Mama Crow

By Sarah Pirtle

in The Wind is Telling Secrets by Sarah Pirtle



Mama, Mama Crow, fly up to the mountains

Mama, Mama Crow, fly up so high.

Mama, Mama Crow, fly up to the mountains

What do you see as you pass by?


1. I see twelve deer running down the mountain.

Eleven buffalo running so free.

I see ten campfires with people stirring food pots.

Nine ears of corn just a-waiting for me.


2. I see eight streams rolling down the mountain

Seven little fishes just a swimming so free.

Six sparks of lightning on the mountain

Five rain clouds just a-waiting for me.


3. I see four stars rising up the mountain.

Three little crows a-waiting in their nest.

Two hoot owls calling night is coming.

One moon telling me it's time to rest.

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