Environmental Songbook

Slither Like a Snake

By Fran Avni

in Tuning Into Nature by Fran Avni & Jackie Cytrynbaum


Slither like a snake

Wriggle like an eel

Hop like a bunny

How does it feel?


Quack like a duck does

Honk like a goose

Crow like a rooster

Bellow like a moose.


Jump like a kangaroo

Splutter like a whale

Flutter like a butterfly

Crawl like a snail.


Stretch like a tall giraffe

Buzz like a bee

Climb like a monkey

Up into a tree.


Swim like a catfish

Underneath the sea -

And if YOU were an animal,

What would you be?

Yes, if you were an animal

What would you be?


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