Environmental Songbook

Dinosaur Park

Music and lyrics by Linda Boyle

©2018 Linda Boyle

Dinosaur Park is in Rapid City, SD.  The green and white cement dinosaurs and synapsids were created in the 1930s.  

If the cement dinosaur statues of Dinosaur Park came to life at midnight! What would they do? Where would they go? Can you imagine it?!


Dinosaur Park   c2018 Linda Boyle

My Black Hills home  —  where the dinosaurs once roamed

where now Pronghorn Antelope play …

From the late era of Cretaceous  —  those reptiles still amaze us

On the sandstone hills of the Gap  (Hill dividing Rapid City into two sections) —  their footprints were found

Protoceratops     Triceratops  _____   

Apatosaurus     Brontosaurus     Stegasaurus  _____

&  Tyrannosaurus Rex:  That’s Sue Rex


1)  Just ‘round midnight there was a warm summer breeze— 

      over the Gap of Rapid City

     In this quiet, quiet time  —   without a reason or a rhyme

     It was the right night for the dinos to come to life.   (2x)  

2)   A meteor lit up the night sky!  — Cement cracked open and red sparks flew

Lighting up the reptile cement crew — Their green & white coverings were shed

& out emerged  these ancient creatures from their stone beds

The night the dinosaurs came to life. (2x)   

3)  They made their way down Skyline Drive —  looking down on the         sparkling city lights

     Tails wagging, knocking over trees  —  eating their way with ease

     through grass & shrubs in the cool breeze

    The night the dinosaurs came to life   (2x)  

4)    These dinos took a road trip to Hot Springs   —   

       at the Mammoth site they visited the skeletal remains

       of the Sabertooth Tiger & Woolies.  Their friends were not the same 

       So they soothed their scales in the Hot Springs pool

       Sliding and frolicking 

       The night the dinosaurs came to life.    (2x)     

5)  Before dawn and the bright morning sun —

    Our roving reptiles returned to Dinosaur Park. 

    Will they do it again?  Will the mammoths & synapsids join in the fun?

    Maybe when the next meteor lights up the dark.

    Another night the dinosaurs will come to life.     (2x)    


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