Environmental Songbook

Song of Life

By Kathy Byers and Lydia Adams Davis

in One Earth So Green and Round by Kathy Byers and Lydia Adams Davis


I am tree I speak for earth
Wind, rain, joy, and birth
Ages past, all to be
Timeless branches, I am tree
Sprouting small, through years unplanned
I join a canopy of hands
From other trees like me,
If you crane your head you'll see...


I am ground, I hold you fast
Free to grow, your roots will last
Through lives of women and men
Generations of children,
Fallen logs, lichen and moss
Make my bed from boughs
of needles, soft...


I am here of life I sing
Sense and savor everything
Air to breathe in, all around
Song of Life, resound!


All the forest has a hum
Smallest bugs and crickets drum
Hawk aloft on distant glide
Locusts' whining sounds collide.
Lake aglow as daylight fades
Sky is streaked with
Purple, hazy indigo...


When we visit here, we reap
Morning's quiet, evening's sleep,
Sky so black, the stars shine bright,
Through the trees, our firelight
Warms our voices, locked in song,
Telling tales of friends
And days, long gone...




I am Moon, I pull the tide
Mistress of the night, preside
Guiding ships across the sea
Lovers, dream along with me.
All around, the stars shine bright
Bringing light from
Time's ancient mystery...


Then, someday we'll move along
Drawn on by a distant song
When at last we have to leave
Touched by all we have received
Like the birds who sing at dawn
By mid-morning, they're all gone,
On their way...




I am child, I run for joy
I race the clouds, I'm Girl, I'm Boy,
All I see, I can become:
Fantasy and real are one
Someday, when I'm very old
Stories from me will unfold
Maybe in a book or two
Something I can leave for you...


All the people will be friends
Hunger gone, and war will end
No one will be jailed or cheated
Hurt or hated or mistreated,


Food for all and land to live in,
All our faults will be forgiven,
Everyone will have the chance,
To laugh and sing and love and dance...


Love and dance!
Love and dance!
Love and dance!

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