Environmental Songbook

The Moon's Lullaby

By Sarah Pirtle

Recorded by A Gentle Wind on “Two Hands Hold the Earth”

©1987 Discovery Center Music, BMI


January says snow, snow, snow.

February says freeze, freeze, freeze.

March says blow, blow, blow

but April says breeze, breeze, breeze.



Gonna lay my head on a pillow 

and not keep running around.

I want to hear the lullaby 

to the seeds in the ground.

So toss me high in a basket

and let me fall into the leaves.

I want to hear the lullaby

that the moon sings to the seeds.


May says chime, chime, chime.

June says sweet, sweet, sweet.

July says climb, climb, climb.

August says heat, heat, heat.




September says glide, glide, glide.

October says glow, glow, glow.

November says hide, hide, hide.

December says slow, slow, slow.



Teaching tool: Make this song into a big book to encourage reading and to learn about rhymes. Divide the 12 pages for each month among the students and encourage illustrations, with a page for each month.

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