Environmental Songbook

Spearfish Canyon Calls

Music and lyrics by Linda Boyle

©2017 Linda Boyle

From the mist of the waterfall to the beautiful plants and flowers to the cool water of a swimming hole, Spearfish Canyon provides magnificent vistas and thrills to hikers, bikers and outdoor enthusiasts!


Spearfish Canyon Calls  

© 2017  Linda Boyle  


capo 2:  G-C-D  /Em-C-D ….


Spearfish Canyon calls.

Calls me to walk its trails

Feel the spray of waterfall

from Roughlock to Bridal Veil

 Spearfish Canyon calls.


1  Over 600 million years ago, 

    covered by a sea

    the waters subsided and land formed

    carved by Spearfish Creek.


2  Shale and Limestone make 

    the walls of this deep gorge. 

    from layers brown, to pink, and  buff  

    where caves and fossils are found.       



3  This is the crossroads of flora 

    from woodlands to Rockies and the Great Plains 

    Golden and bald eagles and many birds call it home.  

    Where deer, bobcat, fox, and marmot roam.    


4  Aquifers along its trails, 

    ridin’ bikes past Bridal Veil

    Up Buzzards’ Roost we hike, 

    then into Devil’s Bathtub, 

    its heavenly waters we slide!    

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