Peace Songbook

Peaceful Feet

By Peter Alsop

in GROW IT AT HOME by Peter Alsop

©2003Moose School Music (BMI)

Children ages 2-12 will enjoy the humor in this song about love for your FEET! Stinky, tappy, in shoes or barefoot--feet are neat, and everyone enjoys them!


I have two feet, I think they’re neat    E-B7

I like to sing about them    E-B7

I tap my feet and I repeat    A-E

Feet-feet, feet-feet, Feet-feet-feet!    B7-E



Feet-feet, feet-feet, Feet-feet-feet!    A-E

Feet-feet, feet-feet, Feeeeet!    B7-E

Feet-feet, feet-feet, Feet-feet-feet!    A-E

Feet-feet, feet-feet, Feeeeet!    B7-E


My feet need air and lots of care

I tell them that I love them

I have to shout, ‘cause they’re down there

I’m way up here, above them! (I love you!)




My Dad’s feet don’t smell so sweet

When he comes home from walks

I hold my nose when my Dad goes

And takes off both his socks!


Feeeeeeee-eeeeet. (“Oh wow, … Dad! Whew!! Cough-cough”)


Every day before I play    F-C7

I put my feet in shoes, then    F-C7

If my toes fall off my feet    Bb-F

That way I will not lose them!    C7-F



Bb-F/ C7-F/ Bb-F/ C7-F/ B7


People all around the world    E-B7

Love their feet like me    E-B7

So let’s have peace and tap our feet    A-E

And sing in harmony!    B7-E



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