Peace Songbook

Chickens For Peace

Music and lyrics by Peter Alsop

©1985 Moose School Music (BMI)


CHICKENS FOR PEACE          Key of C   

 Chickens for peace!               C(332010) 

We’re chickens for peace!      C/B(x20010)  

And we don’t want to fry!       Am-Am7(002010)-G   

Chickens for peace!                 G7(120001)

We’re chickens for peace!       Em-Am-Am7/G  

One little war, and we’re          F-F/E-Dm  

Chicken-pot-pie!                      G-G7-C  


Chickens for peace!

We’re chickens for peace!

And no one respects, a chicken who begs!

Chickens for peace!

We’re chickens for peace!

One little slip, and we’re hard boiled eggs!


Chickens for peace!

We’re chickens for peace!

But we’re not chicken chickens!

We’re taking a stand!

Chickens for peace!

We’re chickens for peace!

And our chicken spirit

Is sweeping the land!


The doves and the hawks are still fighting      F-Fdim7(xx0101)-C              

The swans and the ducks are all wet!                Am-G-C-C7                           

But us chickens have all been uniting!                 F-E-E7-Am-Am7                    

And what chickens want, chickens get!!                F-G-G+(321003)                   


We’re chickens for peace!

We’re chickens for peace!

And we will win!  We’re not turkeys!  (Or geese!)

We’re chickens for peace!

We’re chickens for peace!

Hold up your beaks and join in!                          F-Dm-G                                  

Cause those bombs make hot water                   Dm-G                                     

That will make chicken soup from the grease     Em-Am-F                               

Of us chickens for                                                    F-G                                         

Peace!                                       [C-C/B-C/A-C/G-F-F/E-Dm-G]5x                     




Written by Peter Alsop, ©1985 Moose School Music (BMI)

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EXERCISES:  Put each of your hands under it's own armpit!  Spread your wings!  Stand up straight and tall!  Hold up your beaks and join in!  March around in time to this song and sing at the top of your lungs!  Organize a "Chicken's For Peace" meeting and talk about all the things that you and the other chickens could do to keep world peace in everybody's mind.  If we keep thinking about it, we'll find ways to achieve it!  And it starts right there in your own chicken coop! 

 QUESTIONS:  Have you ever been called a "chicken"?  Have you ever called someone a "chicken"?  What does it mean?  Are you a chicken if you refuse to fight?  Can we have fun and act silly even though we're concerned with something serious?

 DISCUSSION:  If someone calls someone else a "chicken", it's usually a clue that the person calling the names is afraid or worried about something.  A "chicken" is supposed to be a coward who only cares about themselves; someone who is afraid to do anything.  Sometimes people who won't participate in a group activity are called "chickens" because they're supposedly too nervous or too scared to join in.  If they were afraid that people wouldn't like them, wouldn't it be easier for them to follow the crowd?  I think not joining in with everyone else takes some courage.

  It seems to me that real chickens follow the flock.  They don't have enough sense to know when something is dangerous.  They're unaware that hanging out with a group that isn't concerned about the safety of all it's members is not very smart.  (See Kid's Peace Song notes.)

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