Peace Songbook

All Over This World

Music and lyrics by David & Jenny Heitler-Klevans

©1994 David & Jenny Heitler-Klevans

We wrote this song to celebrate both the similarities AND differences between people, all over the world.


All over this world, all over this world
People are alike, but not the same
All over this world.

In France, it's called a crepe; in China, they're called Moo-shoo;
In Ethiopia, it doubles as a plate, and they use it to eat with, too.
There's Mexican tortillas, latkes in Israel; 
    In Denmark, they're called pandekager; [pronounced: "panakayer"]
And just about everywhere around the world, you'll find some kind of pancake there.

(Chorus - as a 2-part round)

I have always been amazed, wherever I do roam
There's always a lot that's new to me, and so much that makes me feel at home
We speak different words, we sing different songs,
    we have different religions and races
But we share so many hopes and dreams, 'though we come from different places

(Chorus - 2-part round)

[New and improved verse, not exactly as on the recording:]
In Arabic, they say "salaam"; In Hebrew, they say "shalom"
"Paz" is the word in Spanish, and it's "hoa binh" in Viet Nam.
These words of peace in every land, they make such a beautiful sound
And we all share the hope for peace, this whole wide world around

(Chorus - 4-part round)
(Chorus - 4-part round)
(Final Chorus - 4-part round:)
All over this world, all over this world
We all share the hope for peace; All over this world.

All over this world.

Singing ideas:

  • The Chorus of this song can be sung as a round in 2 or 4 parts.  
  • We have also done this with a large group of kids, with each phrase being sung by a different soloist. 

Extension activities:

  • Students get in pairs, and figure out 3 things they have in common with each other, as well as 3 things that are differences between them.
  • Related to Verse 1, invite families to bring in foods representing their heritage/culture/nation/ethnicity.
  • Related to Verse 3, have students name as many words for "peace" as they can.  In additon, list all of the languages spoken by the families in the class (present or in the past).

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