Peace Songbook


By Peter Alsop

in Chris Moose Holidays by Peter Alsop

©1994, Moose School Music (BMI)


Our song starts with a child's birth (C-G7–C-G7)

We're taught that people rule the Earth (C-Am-Dm-G)

But ev'ry creature has a song (C-G7-C-G7)

That we can't hear if we're too strong (C-Am-F-G7-C)


For those with paws and fins and wings (F-C-G-Am)

Each knows the song it's family sings (F-G7)

The wind, the river, trees and clouds (Am-F)

Cannot be heard if we're too loud!! (C-G-G7-C)



All together, open hearts (C-G7-C-G7)

In harmony we sing our parts (C-Dm-G7)

When all of Nature sings along (C-G7-C-G7)

Then we hear the Earthsong (C-G-G7-C)


Rabbit, Clover, Owl and Bee, Redtail Hawk and Great Salt Sea

Mountain Lion, Thunderstorm, Redwood, Cactus, Rice and Corn,

Raven, Spider, Crab and Snail, Catfish, Heron, Pond and Whale

Pine Tree, Jaybird, Wind, and Moose, Bear and Otter, Wolf and Goose


Kangaroo and Manatee, Cobra, Shark and Chimpanzee

Butterfly, Volcano, Moss, Turtle, Beetle, Albatross

Dove, Giraffe, Gazelle, Baboon, Snake, Gorilla, Mouse, Raccoon

Rose and Tiger, Porpoise, Ant, Buffalo and Elephant


The promise that a sunrise brings

Is one more chance to dance and sing

The child helps the grown-up see

We need more balance musically

So ev'ry creature, raise your voice

Each holy day we all rejoice

And celebrate how we survive

The Earthsong is the song of life.

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