Peace Songbook

Index of Songs

A Better World
A Rainbow Just For You
Acorn Song
All Cleaned Up
All Over This World
All the Way Around the World
All You Have To Do Is Try
America the Beautiful
Au Revoir

Bigger, Bigger, Bigger
Blue Thumb
Boys & Girls

Candles in Our Windows
Chase Away the Blues
Chickens For Peace
Circle of Peace
Circle the Earth (with Peace)
Come by Here, Martin Luther King
Cows, Chickens and Pickles

Derech Eretz
Don't Fight
Dreams of Harmony

Each In Our Own Way
Eight Keys to a Better Me
Everybody Cries Sometimes

Family Of Friends

Gentle Hands
Grain of Sand

Hey Sam!
Hey, Little Ant
High Brow

I Choose Peace
I Did Something For Peace Today
I Have A Dream
I Think of a Dragon
If I Was In Charge
If Not Me, Then Who?
In the Very Middle You're a Lot Like Me
I've Got Peace In My Fingers

Kid's Peace Song
Kids! We Are The Future
Kindness is Everywhere

Leave It There
Let 'Em Laugh
Let the Light Shine
Little Kid
Little Rabbit & Red Bird
Living Planet
Los Vecinos
Lots of Love
Love Globe
Love Grows One By One
Love is Little

Make a Circle Like the Sun
Many Children, One World
Mouse in My Treehouse
My Best Friend
My Body
My Little Clock

New Ground
No Two Alike
No Way Jose

Once Again... With Feeling
One Crane
One Planet
One World Family

Peace Agreement
Peace Song
Peaceful Feet
Peaceful Feet
Planting a Seed for Peace
Planting Seeds of Love
Pluggin' Away
Pray for Peace

Sala Ngoana (Be At Peace My Child)
Say You're Sorry
Sharing is Caring
Slap Hands
Stick My Neck Out

Take Me With You!
The Color of Feelings
The Color Song
The First Day of School
The Prize (poem)
TIME at the Peace Table
Time for Manners

Under the Rainbow

We Don't Ever Have to Say Goodbye
We Love Everyone
We Will Bring Peace To The New Millenium
We Will Build This House
We Will Lift Up This World
What Can One Little Person Do?
When I Feel Mad
Where Will I Go When I'm Dead & Gone?
While I'm Sleepin'
Win Win Solution
With the Right Attitude

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