Peace Songbook

Mouse in My Treehouse

Music by Scott Connatser, lyrics by Crystal Yexley
Performed by K-Town Kids

©2016 Scott Connatser

"Mouse in My Treehouse" is a song about courtesy and using your manners. 


Verse 1
There is a mouse in my treehouse, a little one.
He wears and suit and tie and drinks hot tea, very hot tea.
When I go up there I sit at the table, with him.
He teaches me about courtesy.

Say "Please, pretty please."
Say "Excuse me" and such.
Say "I’m sorry and forgive me."
Say "Thank you very much."

Verse 2
He placed a napkin on my lap (he said that’s where it goes)
For there was sap that fell on my lap and hit my nap-  kin.
"Chew with your mouth closed," said the mouse.
"You still use manners in a treehouse."

Chorus (x 2)

We should always use our manners!

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