Peace Songbook


By Paulette Meier

in Come Join The Circle: Lessons In Peacemaking by Paulette Meier

©1999 Paulette Meier

Everybody needs to hear positive things about themselves. Simple recognition from friends and peers can make a day go right. Listeners can easily add their own good thoughts to the many real-life affirmations offered here.


I like the way you smile at me when I walk in through the door.

I like the way you lend a hand like when you ask your friends, "Hey watcha' fightin' for?"
I like the way you laugh and giggle when I'm telling a new joke.
I like the way you cheer friends on when you're turnin' the jump rope.

Chorus:  Affirmations, We need to hear good things about us every day.
             Affirmations, can help the blues go away.
             Affirmations, get a put up and take a bow.
             Affirmations, and let's end those put downs now!


I like the way your eyes sparkle when you're telling us somethin' new.
I like the way your face lights up when you're sister comes in the room.
I like the way you use your hands, they paint pictures, when you talk.
I like the way your feet fly, when Daddy says "Let's take the dog for a walk."


I like the way you take a stand when somethin' happens that you know is not right.
I like the way you figure it out, 'stead of starting a big ol' fight.
I like the way you cry it out, when you're feeling sad and blue.
I like the way you show you care, when I'm feeling that way too.



from Come Join the Circle: Lessonsongs For Peacemaking, released December 10, 2001

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