Peace Songbook


By Peter Alsop

in Wake Up! DVD & YouTube Video by Peter Alsop

©1992, Moose School Music (BMI)

for ages 2-12


When the bull fighter faces the bull, he’s so scared D-A

Wishing he was somewhere else, and a little bit better prepared! A7-D

But he knows in his mind, that to face that big cow D-D7-

Somehow he must find G-Em


Cho: Courage! Courage! Deep down inside of you, courage! D-A7-G-Em-D



Kid: Well you’re a grown-up, so you don’t ever get scared!

Peter: Grown-ups get scared too sometimes!

Kid: But there’s this big kid at school who picks on us other kids.

Peter: Hey, big guys can fool you. One time I was walking home late at night, and I passed by this

graveyard right near my house. Well I heard footsteps following me. They were getting

closer and closer. So I went a little faster and the footsteps went a little faster too. I looked

behind me, and there was this really, really big dude following me, and I got scared, so I

was gonna cut through the graveyard to get away from him, but it was soooo dark in there

that I just stood there frozen! He came right up behind me and stopped too, and I thought

to myself, (music stops) Uh-oh! (music starts again) but I found some courage way down

deep inside me and I turned around to face him. He was BIG! He had muscles on his

muscles, and he was ugly with a mean looking mouth and kind of crooked lips! And he was

staring at me with big wide eyes, then all of a sudden, he looks at the graveyard and says to

me, (music stops)

Dude: I ain’t goin’ in there either! It’s really dark in there! (music starts again)

Peter: So we walked each other home and had a pretty good time. So big guys can fool you!


When a bully comes near and fills you with fear,

And your heart starts to beat

Don’t call him bad names, that’s not courage,

It’s stupidity!

First try being friendly, if that doesn’t work,

Then simply repeat,


Cho: “GET ME OUT OF HERE, FEET!” Courage!

Deep down inside of you, courage!

Courage! Courage! Deep down inside of you, courage!

Courage and speed! That’s what you need! Have courage!

Yes, keep a good distance & call for assistance, have courage!


If he’s a big tough guy, try picking your nose

Tough guys don’t like boogers, they’re scared of those!


Cho: Courage! Courage! Deep down inside of you, courage!

Courage! Courage! Deep down inside of you, courage!


Written by Peter Alsop,

On Wake Up! dvd – //

And on My Name Is Cheech, The School Bus Driver CD

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