Peace Songbook

Blue Thumb

Music and lyrics by Barbara S. Tilsen

©2015 Barbara S. Tilsen


BLUE THUMB by Barb Tilsen

© 2015 Barbara Tilsen


Come take a walk round my neighborhood

You’ll see rain gardens doing some good

Designed to capture falling rain

Keep it out of the sewer drain

Neighbors planting, doing our part          

A labor of love right from the heart



With my 

Blue thumb, I’ll plant a rain garden

Blue thumb gonna help it grow

Blue thumb, I’ll plant a rain garden        

Water come down to the earth below

Water come down to the earth below


Cities are full of a lot of concrete

Sidewalks, parking lots, buildings and streets

Water runs off to sewers below

But there’s more hiding in the flow    

Gas and oil, lots of debris            

Stream to river to the big blue sea  CHORUS         


Dig a rain garden just like a bowl

And catch raindrops in the shallow hole

Water will seep into the ground 

Getting clean as it filters down

(Down) through the soil it will sink

Deep roots give earth water to drink CHORUS


Rain gardens are home, a habitat

To frogs, snakes, toads, small critters like that

Hummingbirds, bees and butterflies

A feast of flowers for the eyes

(We) share this earth, all living things        

A blue thumb song we all can sing CHORUS


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