Peace Songbook

Kid's Peace Song

By Peter Alsop

in Take Me With You! by Peter Alsop

©1986, Moose School Music (BMI)



People come in diff’rent sizes

Colors, shapes and names

Tho’ we're diff’rent on the outside

Inside I think we’re the same!


Sometimes happy, sometimes sad

Scared or silly, mean or mad

Feelings you have, I have too,

We’re not so diff’rent me and you.

I’ll bet you have ideas like me

Our brains are built the same, you see?

And if I understand you right,

We both love peaceful sleep at night




We love to laugh and play and run

And we would never start a war

We’re all afraid of bombs and guns

We know that one fight leads to more.

Our country says we must be ready

For a fight, no matter where

Even though that might be right,

It makes the other countries scared




It’s time to try a diff’rent way

Where fighting isn’t in the plan

We can be strong without our bombs

It’s time that all the bombs were banned

Kids like us live everywhere

Around the world, in ev’ry land

The words we speak are not the same

But Peace on Earth we understand


Chorus/ Chorus

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