Peace Songbook

We Will Build This House

By Sally Rogers

©2003 Sally Rogers

written for use by Habitat for Humanity, Danielson, CT Chapter



We will build this house with the strength of our arms,

With the love of our neighbors we will build this house.

We will build this house as a shelter from all harm,

With the open door of justice, we will build this house.


A house of warmth, a house just right,

A house to keep away the darkest night.

A house of hope, a house of peace,

A house where all within may safely sleep. CHORUS


A house that's built to remind us all

Of our connections, whether great or small.

A house of dignity, a house without shame,

A house with walls bearing all our names. CHORUS:


It seems so simple, it seems so sweet:

A roof above you, enough food to eat.

In this richest nation on this world of cares

If we've enough, then we've enough to share. CHORUS

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