Peace Songbook

My Little Clock

By Peter Alsop

in In the Hospital by Peter Alsop & Bill Harley

©1989, Moose School Music (BMI)


You’ve got a big clock

I’ve got a little clock too

Your clock’s for your time

Your big clock pushes you


When you’re in a hurry

My little clock’s pushed aside

Y’make me use your clock

Y’don’t care about my clock’s size


When your clock is ticking

Then everything changes     

You haven’t got time to explain

I have to use your time

You push me and pull me

And it never enters your brain, that


You’ve got a big clock

I’ve got a little clock too

My clock’s for my time

Your clock’s time is up to you


Your clock’s important

It’s bigger, it makes more noise

But my clock’s important

Though you think it’s just a toy


You’re only trying

To help me feel better

At least that’s what you say

But I feel angry

I don’t feel better

When m’little clock’s treated this way, ohhh,


You’ve got a big clock

I’ve got a little clock too

I listen to your clock

Please listen to m’little clock too


I’ve only got a little time

Do you have a little time?

A little time on your big clock?

That’s all that I want from you

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