Peace Songbook

My Body

By Peter Alsop

in Wha'D'Ya Wanna Do? by Peter Alsop

©1983, Moose School Music (BMI)



My body's nobody's body but mine!

You run your own body, let me run mine!


My nose was made to sniff and to sneeze

To smell what I want, and to pick when I please!

  -  or  -  (To smell what I want, and to blow when I please!)


My lungs were made to hold air when I breathe,

I am in charge of just how much I need!


My legs were made to dance me around

To walk and to run and to jump up and down!


My mouth was made to blow-up a balloon

I can eat, kiss and spit, I can whistle a tune!

  -  or  -  (I can eat, kiss and sing, I can whistle a tune!)


No one knows my body better than me

It tells me, "Let's eat!", it tells me "Go pee!"


Don't hit me or kick me, don't push or shove

Don't hug me too hard when you show me your love


Sometimes it's hard to say "No!" and be strong

When those"No!" feelings come, then I know something's wrong


'Cause My body's mine from my head to my toe

Please leave it alone when you hear me say "No!"


Secrets are fun when they're filled with surprise

But not when they hurt us with tricks, threats and lies


Our body's one body, one voice is heard

We each sing for freedom when we sing these words!

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