Peace Songbook

Chase Away the Blues

By Timmy Abell

in Play All Day by Timmy Abell

©1990 Local Honey Music, ASCAP


Sometimes you feel just fine

Sometimes a little blue

Sometimes your feelings get confused

Don't know what to do

Put your hands in mine

Let the love come through

Anytime you feel unhappy

Here is what I'll do


CHORUS:  I'll lift you up, hold you in my arms

                  Chase those blues away

                  We'll cry, we'll sing till our laughter rings

                  That's how me and you gonna chase away the blues


Sometimes you might feel sad

And we all get mad it's true

Wish we all could just be happy

Don't you wish it too

If your feelings hurt inside

And it makes you want to cry

Don't you worry 'bout those tears

They don't need to hide




If loneliness creeps in

And you seem so small inside

Remember if you share your feelings

Things will be all right

Put your hands in mine

Let the love come through

Whenever you might need a friend

I'll be there with you



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