Peace Songbook

I Think of a Dragon

By words: Nancy Schimmel, music: Judy Fjell

in I Think of a Dragon by Judy Fjell

©2008 Words by Nancy Schimmel / Tune by Judy Fjell


When I am out on the playground

And someone is calling me names

I wish for a dragon beside me

Breathing the smallest of flames


A dragon to be my protector

Whose calm reptilian gaze

Would get all the bullies to thinking

That they should be mending their ways




Oh, I think of a dragon beside me

I think of its claws that flash in the sun

I know itll help me to stay and not run

Cause two heads...are better than one.


Its not only me that needs dragons

To guard us at home or at school

To ripple their scales at the wise guy

Who ducks us too hard at the pool


I wish for a dragon to help me

When someone gives me dirty looks

But what good is wishing for dragons?

Ive only seen dragons in books.




I could be somebodys dragon

It doesnt take magic or might

I could just be there beside them

And calmly say That isnt right.


I might be too frightened to help them

The bully might bully me too

But I could imagine my dragon

And do what a dragon would do.



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