Peace Songbook

Pluggin' Away

By Peter Alsop

in Pluggin' Away by Peter Alsop

©1987, Moose School Music (BMI)


Pluggin' away, pluggin' away

People who keep pluggin' away

They're the ones who get things done

'Cause they keep pluggin' away,

They keep pluggin' away!


Basketball's my fav'rite sport, but when

People told me, "You're too short!"

I refused to leave the court,

I kept pluggin' away! 

 (Watch me dribble now!)




Got new glasses for my eyes

Next day in school, some of the guys

Were teasin' me but, "Hey! Surprise!"

I kept pluggin' away.

 (I could "see" they had some problems!)




Remember tortoise and the hare?

That rabbit really did not care,

The tortoise won it fair and square,

'Cause he kept pluggin' away! 

(Puttin' one foot in front of the other!)


Chorus/ Instrumental Chorus


Now sometimes life is kinda tough, but our

Heads are made of brains, not fluff

So find a way to "do your stuff!"

An' you keep pluggin' away!


If you've got things you want to do

Don't let folks discourage you

Just hold your nose, say "Pooh to you!"

Then you keep pluggin' away!



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