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Reports | Fall 2017

Presidents’ Message

Thirty Years and Going Strong!

Dear CMN,

We have truly enjoyed sharing the role of president this past year, and highly recommend it going forward to any and all. From our perspective, CMN is going strong—thanks to a truly outstanding team of people, including a very active and productive board that we’re deeply thankful for.

ADMINISTRATION: Where would CMN be without the efforts of Jane Arsham? Jane does so many things behind the scenes, including the finances, meetings, and all the committees. She helps to keep everything CMN together, and we are all grateful for her time, energy, and help.

FUNDRAISING: The Fundraising Committee, co-chaired by Susan Salidor and Tim Seston, generated many creative ideas, starting with a 30/30/30 concept conceived by Tim Seston. He asked thirty people on the thirtieth of the month to contribute thirty dollars to CMN. Jane Arsham raised funds by showing a film called Imba Means Sing to two choral groups and shared the profits with them. It was a unique way to both raise funds and build community. How about trying out one of those ideas in your own hometown?

On another front, Val Smalkin researched online auctions, which will take CMN to a whole new digital level.

Last but not least, thanks to graphic support by James Coffey, digital help from Carl Foote, and a generous match by an anonymous donor, our members contributed $8,000 in less than two months to CMN!

MARKETING: Heading up the Marketing Committee, Alice Burba has done a remarkable job developing a greater online presence via Facebook and the Internet.

Diana Kane researched and hosted the first CMN Facebook Live event, which reached over a THOUSAND new viewers—some of whom joined CMN that very night! CMN will be hosting a Facebook Live event every month, so be sure to check the e-forum for time, date, and topic.

SOCIAL NETWORKING AND BLOG: At first we were fearful to lose Alina Celeste, who set CMN on the right path of social networking, to a new job. But Lily Emerson and Jessica “Culture Queen” Smith stepped right in without missing a step. By the way, Jessica just got married, so the name you will see on our blog is Jessica Camara-Ife Hebron.

MEMBERSHIP: Our Membership Committee continues the important work of broadening the diversity of CMN. Individuals in the New England region, where the Annual Conference will be in October, have been enlisted to reach out to potential members. The search and outreach efforts also include sponsors and business owners.

PASS IT ON!: PIO! has never looked, read, or sounded better, thanks to Brigid Finucane, Carl Foote, Ginger Lazarus, Kim Ziolkowski, and the talented contributors drawn from CMN membership. The content of this amazing resource is completely open to whomever visits the site, with the exception of the songs, so please continue to pass it on!

SONG LIBRARIES: Thanks to Lisa Heinz and Carl Foote, CMN has added another songbook, Multicultural Songs for Children. Our Song Library is fast becoming a terrific online resource, so don’t forget to add your songs! Here’s the link.

CONFERENCE: This year’s conference in Hyannis, Massachusetts is going to be terrific, thanks to Conference Co-Chairs Diana Kane and Kim Wallach, Jane Arsham, and all our volunteers. The four learning tracks—Music for Teaching, Performance/Business, Using Our Art for a Better World, and Songswaps—offer a rich variety of workshop options for professional development. We want to involve everyone! The Keynote speaker will be Ken Whitely, and the Magic Penny Award ceremony will honor Sally Rogers. Please join us! Find conference information and registration here.

LOOKING AHEAD TO 2018: We’re excited to announce a new conference venue in Sandusky, Ohio, thanks to Joanie Calem and Lisa Heinz. GO OHIO in 2018!

It has been a great pleasure to share our love for and commitment to CMN this year. We are grateful for your generous enthusiasm and support, and wish everyone the continued inspiration that comes from the music we love and the CMN family.