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Departments | Fall 2017

New Sounds

Note: These descriptions of new releases are sent in by the CMN members mentioned, but they may have been edited by Pass It On! staff for style, consistency, or length. The materials have not been reviewed. In addition to the sources listed, many recordings are available at local independent children’s book and record stores.

Kari Thomas Kovick

It’s You I Like

It’s You I Like affirms and celebrates the heart of the child. It shares songs about feelings and what to do with feelings. When children sing along with this album, they will be using their own voices to declare how good it feels to be brave, to yell and stomp out a mad, or practice turning within for wisdom. They can claim righteous ownership of themselves while playing body percussion. And in the most useful song ever, parents, teachers, and children can count slowly in real time with Kari, take deep breaths to physically let go of stress, and learn to self-regulate. Emotional intelligence is not a given in our culture, but with these songs, awareness grows with each listening.

As light hearted and fun as this album is, it also honors the depth of a child’s spirit and the challenges children face living in this world today in songs like “On and On” (written when two toddlers in her community died of cancer), “It’s Not My Fault!” (for children whose parents are fighting), and “I Wish My Daddy Was Here.” Kari’s reassuring voice in the title track by Fred Rogers sums up the album’s message for children with sincerity and warmth: who we are is all we ever need to be. Producer Ken Whiteley has brought the songs to life with fun musical arrangements and sound effects that zing the imagination, all with uncompromising musical integrity.

Physical CDs and downloadable files will be available this fall at, CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, and more.

Charity Kahn / Charity and the JAMband

EARTH: Songs for the Earth and All Beings

EARTH: Songs for the Earth and All Beings is Charity and the JAMband’s sixth album of music for children and families. Charity says, “Motivated by my deep love for nature and my growing concerns regarding climate change, I was inspired to write a collection of songs for children that both celebrate Mother Earth and call attention to our responsibility to care for her. I created EARTH as a musical expression of love for our beautiful and precious planet, and an exploration of our undeniable connection to her creatures and ecosystems, and to each other.”

The music on EARTH ranges from groovy rock ’n’ roll to meditative mellow. The messages are uplifting and thought provoking, with lyrics that always talk up rather than down to kids. Charity says, “This album was a true labor of love. I hope you will find joy in sharing the music and messages with the kids and families you work with and adore!”

EARTH is available for download and streaming at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp, Pandora, and other major services. Physical CDs are available at CD Baby. For more information, visit

Joanie Calem

Sipurei Savta: Grandmother’s Stories of Wit and Wisdom

Sipurei Savta: Grandmother’s Stories of Wit and Wisdom is a collection of (mostly) old Jewish folk tales. Some are from the Torah, some are old legends, some have been passed down through song, and some are new twists on traditional tales. Joanie has long treasured these stories and their many messages: of the importance of working together in community, of thriftiness and recycling, of resilience in the face of challenge, of keeping perspective even in tough times, and of humility and openness to difference. Of course, there are also the stories of just plain old silliness…wit and wisdom forever combined. 

Joanie received help on this CD from numerous friends on violin, bass, cello, and other instruments. Special thanks goes to the Little Minyan Intergenerational Chorus of Columbus, Ohio, who dive into every musical opportunity with gusto and great voices. In thanks, $1.80 of every CD sale will be donated to the Little Minyan.

Available for purchase by contacting

Joanie Calem

Sharim V’Rokdim: Singing and Dancing on Every Day and Holidays

Sharim V’Rokdim is a collection of new songs and two traditional folk songs for the Jewish year. Some songs are “everyday songs” inspired by the reminders that we glean from our Jewish heritage, such as being thankful for what we have and working to make the world a better place for everyone. Some songs are new ways to explore the annual cycle of our wonderful holidays, whose values help us constantly grow to be better people. Every day of the year, holiday or not, we can sing and dance along to these songs! Each song has been audience-tested with both children and adults, and only the biggest crowd-pleasers made it onto the CD. Looking for a new way to bring fun and meaning to Jewish holidays? Here are twenty-two new ways to do so.

Joanie received vocal help on this CD from five singing piano students, and instrumental help from numerous friends on violin, bass, cello, and others. Special thanks goes to the Little Minyan Intergenerational Chorus of Columbus, OH, who dive into every musical opportunity with gusto and great voices. In thanks, $1.80 of every CD sale will be donated to the Little Minyan.

Available for purchase by contacting

Carole Stephens / Miss Carole


Miss Carole’s ninth recording is another invitation to sing, dance, and DO! Welcome is packed with twenty-nine songs and movement opportunities with some cool-down poems mixed in. Get out your sticks or bells, pass a “pumpkin” ball, or go for a ride in the car car while observing the traffic lights! Thanks to CMNers Susan Salidor and Ellen Allard, whose songs Carole covered, and Brigid Finucane, Sanna Longden, Tom Pease, Kathy Reid-Naiman, and Debbie Carroll, who taught her others.

Listeners will find FIVE dances, FOUR songs to use with a Stretchy Band, THREE pumpkin songs, TWO songs in Spanish, and ONE (hysterical) Little Bunny Hopping on the Floor. Perfect for Early Childhood teachers, librarians, and anyone interacting with kids six and younger.

Available on CDBaby, Amazon, Midwest Tape, and directly from Carole for the CMN member discount—you’re WELCOME!

Danny Adlerman / Danny Adlerman and Friends

Remember What You Never Knew

Danny says, “I wanted to make an album that was truly for entire families, that people of any age could listen to together.” It’s a collection of  ’60’s songs of peace, love, and innocence presented to turn a young generation on to the best music ever, and to rekindle through older generations’ longing for what’s missing from the world today.

Fans of the ’60’s, fans of the Grip Weeds, the Anderson Council, and Danny Adlerman’s previous albums One Size Fits All, Listen Up, and ...and a Happy New Year (with Kevin Kammeraad and Yosi, who makes a guest appearance on this album) will delight to music that actually draws generations closer with no sacrifice of the classic rock vibe that so encapsulated the age of peace and love.

At moments comfortable, at times envelope pushing, all tracks are handled with loving care and imagination, and all are accessible—perfect for those breakout moments alone OR intimate moments with the folks you love best of all.

This digital-only album is available at CDBaby.

Wendy Morgan and Darryl Boggs / Wendy and DB


HomeEarth is a collection of environmentally friendly songs to inspire and excite children about taking care of our planet earth. It’s filled with bugs and bees, animals and trees, and features “We Bop,” a fun new dance, and “GirlSuperhero,” who is ready to make exciting appearances at Wendy and DB’s concerts! Their lyrics are fun, educational, and inspiring for children, and parents like them too! The music is upbeat, melodic and contagious.

Wendy and DB are a diverse duo/band from Chicago sharing their music and spreading the message that we all need to work together, be happy, feel our feelings, and take care of our wonderful world and ALL the folks who live in it. Wendy and DB are also committed to giving back: 20% of the proceeds from HomeEarth is given to Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots, VH1 Save The Music, and A Better Life for Kids.

Purchase the CD at CD Baby.

Dave Kinnoin / Randy and Dave

Life on a Trampoline

Randy Sharp and Dave Kinnoin are flying high with their second CD, Life on a Trampoline. Once again, these two hit songwriters collide, creating a new flock of clever, cheeky songs that are laugh-out-loud funny. Randy’s a little bit country, Dave’s a little bit rock ’n’ roll, and together they mix in a little jazz and blues for a style all their own. Nothing is off limits (Canning fish? It’s in there). Each song is full of crafty lyrics with layers that unfold and reveal something new with every listening. They swing between sophisticated matters like the Dinosaur Museum and Socrates to guilty pleasures like Aunt Zelda’s velvet Elvis.

The one thing you can expect from a Randy and Dave CD is the unexpected. Randy and Dave’s first collaboration, Calling All the Elephants, was honored with six national awards, including Parents’ Choice Gold and NAPPA Gold, and received rave reviews.

Purchase at CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, and retail outlets nationwide.

Tim and Laura Battersby / The Battersby Duo

Too Too Sillies  

Just once in a very blue moon, there magically appears a collection of kid’s songs that are so interesting, so fun, and just so downright appealing, they bring immediate smiles to everyone who’s listening. This is the case with Too Too Sillies, as it brings laughter and happiness to schools and libraries around the United States. 

Too Too Sillies is written for children between the ages of two and ten. It includes fifteen songs that are all over the stylistic map—songs about colors, centipedes, pizza, and Mr. Tim’s cat (who, it turns out, is actually a cow!). Laura is in top form as she sings “The Miracle.” If you love silly, “My Brother Mike,” “Flea for All,” and “My Cat’s a Cow” are standouts in this exciting album by the effervescent BatDuo, who wrote all songs on this recording and provided all the voices and music as well. Too Too Sillies will prompt kids to sing along to these too too silly and perfectly engaging songs.

Too Too Sillies can be purchased at CD Baby and iTunes.