Peace Songbook

Your Own Song

Music and lyrics by Sharon Joy

©1994 Sharon Joy

The song was created to exemplify cooperation; when we each add our own individual contribution and work together, we form a beautiful harmonious sound. Let that be our world as we honor each other's unique qualities and blend together in love, joy, and song! 

The instruments heard in the intro include:

  • Berimbau - Brazil
  • Castenets - Spain
  • Koto - Japan
  • Shekere - Africa
  • Talking Drum - Africa
  • Claves
  • Kalimba - Africa
  • Arabian Flute
  • Steel Drums - West Indies
  • Cajun Accordion
  • Marimba - West Indies
  • Conga Drums

The singers are from the musical group “Future!” who are featured on the “We are the Future” recording. They were teenage vocalists in Houston at the time of the recording. More information is on the liner notes of the CD.


Everybody has his own song.

Everybody has a song his own.

Sing your song with me, my friend, 

And we'll not sing alone, oh, no,

We'll not sing alone. 



This is a song that was created for group participation. It has been translated and performed in many languages around the world. The refrain is simple. There is a layered section in which participants or groups each sing a repeated phrase on vocables. The recorded introduction includes instruments from around the world.

It's fun to hand out percussion instruments, as this song promotes participation in every way. 

For translations in Spanish, Hebrew, and Arabic or a recording of the instrumental music only contact 

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